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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Republican Party Phone Banks for the Bachmann Amendment

A commenter posts the Republican Party of Minnesota Action alert:

March 20
Call to Action
Help Support the Marriage Amendment!!

Volunteer to phone at the Republican party tonight:

Phone bank at party headquarters from 6-9 pm, pizza and pop provided.

Contact Nicole at 651-842-0123 or email

Sounds like there was more of a circus today. From a Lloydletta reader:

In the Taxes Committee during a meeting on House File 1909 (Which was a bill to raise the licenses fees for hunters for funds to go back to clean water maintenance and wetland preserves, etc.....)

...Rep. Ron Erhardt (R) of Dist 41A Edina, proposed adding Amendment A-10 which was basically Bachmann's Amendment bill.

His words were, quote "I have spoken to Michele about this and she is very supportive of it, I know the folks in the 6th district are very interested in this.... wanting to help the races along up there, I'm offering this amendment as, uh, uh...a good and proper thing to do."

Rep. Erhardt was then asked by a committee member if he had spoken to anyone on the Supreme Court about this (laughs from the committee). "No."

Rep. Dan Dorman (R) of Dist 27A Albert Lea proposed an oral amendment to the Erhardt Amendment, deleting all "legal equivalent" language from was voted down, and the A-10(Marriage) Amendment was attached to HS1909. However, after other amendments and tax code discussions, the committee adjourned before the bill when anywhere else...

So the circus goes on. Frequent critic STEA points out:

Where is your outrage over Jim Vickerman "Hanging the Senate and Dean Johnson out to dry?"


Reasonable point STEA. DFLer Jim Vickerman deserves criticism. Though Vickerman isn't in leadership - and Entenza is - and usually there are some expectations of leaders.