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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Response to Kersten's Column

A commenter asks:

hey eva, if u have any spare time to waste today id look forward to your thoughts on kersten's latest column in the strib about gay marriages leading to polygamy-i think thats how u spell it. lol.

Craig Westover briefly comments and Spotty does the fisking for me.

Peg Kaplan comments to Westover's blog:

I've addressed it myself, too, Craig. But it continues to annoy and sadden me that those against gay rights resort to arguments and defenses that I believe really are not relevant.

I see no "slippery slope" from gay marriage to polygamy. They are unrelated.

Perhaps, however, Kersten has to depend upon such argumentation because substantive reasons for denying gays the right to marriage and/or civil unions is so weak otherwise.

Dale Carpenter's excellent column, Gay Marriage and Polygamy is an excellent rebuttal to Kersten's argument.

I expect the next thing Kersten will bring up is bestiality.

A commenter to Spot's post says:

The funny thing is I watched "Big Love," and it is anything but sympathetic to polygamy. The women are obviously not happy with their lives, and even the husband seems overwhelmed.

I love when columnists critique what they haven't seen, because it shows they have preconcieved notions that are rarely borne out.

That's a good point. I haven't seen "Big Love" so can't comment on it. Has Katherine Kersten seen it? Or did she just repeat what others have said about the program?

The commenter is correct that it's a waste of time to read and respond to Katherine Kersten. Several of us at Lloydletta believe that the strib chose Kersten to make conservatives look bad. They could have hired someone like Peg Kaplan or Craig Westover if they wanted to expose their readers to a more thoughtful conservative voice.

I'd challenge commenters to contribute some Katherine Kersten Haiku for this column.