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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Air America Owner, and Democrats for Life Funder Janet Robert Gets Called Out

Check it out over on MN Publius.

Eva Young's is incorrect in her comment that I would not allow stem cell research to be discussed on Air America Minnesota. Al Franken talks about embryonic stem cell all the time. What little time we have to focus on our local show, Minnesota Matters, we try to talk about Minnesota issues that are not being discussed on the nationally syndicated shows. Democrats for Life of Minnesota strongly supports the great successes that the University of Minnesota has had with ADULT stem cell research. However, it does not support embryonic stem cell research because why take a life for research when a life affirming alternative exists? More importantly, there has not been one single scientificly recorded success with embryonic stem cell research but over 55 successful cures using adult stem cells. What a waste of taxpayers dollars. 95-10 is not bogus - it is about funding programs to stop violence against women (the single largest cause of death among pregnant women is domestic violence, funding health care, equal pay for equal work, child care and alternatives that allow pregnant women make the choice they want to make, not the choice their partners or society forces on them. 95-10 is the difference between pro-life Democrats and Republicans. Janet Robert

I've talked to a number of people who worked at Air America. A former Nick Coleman producer told me about Janet quashing a stem cell discussion on Nick's show.

Janet Robert has no editorial control over Al Franken.

As long as 95/10 includes pushing the erroneous information that there is an "abortion-breast cancer link", they don't have much credibility with me.

Rew from Powerliberal responds to Robert in MN Publius comments:

The Women's right to know bill is an unsubstantiated and untrue scare tactic. Democrats for Life support it. Hence, I don't see any reason to support Democrats for life.

I like my democrats honest. Most people do.

Posted by: rew

Hopefully Elwyn Tinklenberg will get asked whether he is going to be a rubber stamp for all Democrats for Life positions - opposing embryonic stem cell research, supporting federal efforts to intercede in the Terri Schiavo case, and promoting bogus "research" about the abortion-breast cancer link.

Many legislators who oppose legal abortion, support embryonic stem cell research. Orin Hatch, R, Utah is a prominent example.

Sen. Linda Higgins who represents me at the legislature stopped by and commented on this:

And El Tinklenberg has Absolutely Nothing to do with this! Why are you trying to attach some nasty republican amendment in the MN house to a candidate running for Congress?

Eva, go after the republicans for republican antics. Remember them? That's your party doing this dumb stuff. Own up. Don't try and lay it off on someone else!
linda higgins

I did. I went after the Republicans on this committee who supported this nonsense. I also pointed out that Jim Knoblach, a candidate for the 6th District congressional seat, voted in favor of this amendment.

When Elwyn Tinklenberg was interviewed by MNPublius he said this:

MNP: Do you think Roe v. Wade should be overturned?

ET: My position on the choice issue has been distorted by some of my opponents. I don’t believe that the most effective way to reduce the number of abortions in this country is by criminalizing private decisions between a woman and her doctor.

I guess where my views are more moderate than some DFLers is that I strongly believe that the Democratic Party should take the lead on reducing the number of abortions in America. We must be more outspoken in our support of programs like the 95/10 initiative and improved pre and post-natal care for women and children. Abortion must be made a last resort in this country. It's Democrats that support the programs and policies that will lead to a real reduction in abortions in America. Abortions went down under President Clinton and have come back up under President Bush.

Since Elwyn Tinklenberg is promoting the Democrats for Life 95:10 plan, it's worth asking him more about details in that plan. For example, he should be asked if he takes their claim that there is an abortion-breast cancer link as factual. It's also worth getting Tinklenberg on the record on embryonic stem cell research. Is he going to parrot the Janet Robert-Democrats for Life line on that one? He should be asked if he agrees with Democrats for Life that it was appropriate for congress to intervene in the Terri Schiavo case.