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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bachmannophile Ray VandeVeer Attaches Stem Cell Ban to Gopher Stadium Bill in Committee

From a reader tip:

Vandeveer amended the Gopher stadium bill to halt payments to the U of M if they ever engaged in stem-cell research. The amendment was later stripped off, but it would be good to find the audio from the committee where he pulled this and capture it for future use. What a fucking doorknob.

I'm listening to it now. Even other Republicans are hammering him on the amendment. It can be downloaded from the archives.

Go to the House Ways & Means Committee audio archives for 4/5/06. Go to exactly 1:45 (105 min.) into the hearing to hear the start of it.

Republicans Dan Dorman and Ron Abrams spoke strongly against this nonsense. Ron Erhardt suggested adding some constitutional amendments to the bill. (People laughed at that one.) Dornan strongly criticised ways and means chair, Jim Knoblach for accepting the amendment as appropriate for the committee.

Jim Knoblach voted for the amendment. Phil Krinkie missed the vote.

I'd suggest people going to DFL conventions ask Elwyn Tinklenberg for comment on this one.