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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

DFL Upset Over Photoshopping Images by Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage

Kare 11 has more. I don't think much of the Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage - or their views, but parody has long been a way to make political points.

I remember well when the Alan Quist campaign made an ad attacking Arne Carlson for being too ideologically close to Bill Clinton. The ad featured two men dancing. The inuendo was obvious - and Quist admitted as much on Almanac. Arne Carlson's reaction was classic - and defused the nonsense - "I'm a better dancer than that", Arne said, when asked about the ad.

I miss Arne as governor.


ST. PAUL (4/19/06) - Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage began running newspaper ads last week attacking Sen. Don Betzold (DFL-Fridley) for his opposition to the anti-marriage amendment.

The images of Betzold used by the right-wing group were doctored. One has been altered to make Betzold's face appear grossly out of proportion, angry and frightening. It appears that Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage has photoshopped Betzold's official senate website photo, flipping his smile upside down and adding deeply creased laugh lines.

The other ad features Betzold with what appears to be his tongue out and his thumb on his nose. The images of Betzold are both unflattering and inaccurate.

"As if distorting the facts wasn't bad enough, now they're distorting Senator Betzold's features," Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez said. "Doctoring photos takes their already divisive campaign to a new low. They can not win on the merits, so they're turning to libel and misinformation.

"The Republican Party should have learned a lesson from the failed special election campaign of Dan "the Ox" Ochsner - you can not push an agenda in Minnesota using false images. The Republican Party should denounce this latest effort to deceive Minnesotans.

"Governor Pawlenty, Senator Bachmann and the GOP should reevaluate their ties to this deceitful group to promote conservative religious principles. When it comes to bearing false witness, I hope that they're against it."


Go look at the ad here. Here's the photo of Don Betzold from the Senate website.

I thought the faux outrage over Congressman John Kline getting portrayed as Colonel Klink rather over the top also.

This is quite different than the doctored Bush rally photos on the Ox's campaign literature. In that case, it was quite clear that the intent was to deceive. In this case, the photos of the Senators thumbing their noses at constituents were doctored - to make a point. Anyone who would think the MCDM photo of Betzold was a real photo has a few screws loose.