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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Did a Steve Kelley Staffer Start an Anonoblog?


I've emailed Kelley's campaign for comment.

Polinaut has picked up on this one.

Republican Minnesota has been abandoned for a while. I'd been hearing gossip from Reporters that Republican Minnesota was Brian McClung, Tim Pawlenty's spokesperson. Michael Brodkorb denied this - and said "I know who RM is, and it's not McClung". I saw Jeff Johnson at an event, and mentioned this situation - and said that I had no idea whether this was, or was not McClung, but that the Governor should have a policy about anonoblogging - and if a staffer does that, they should become a former staffer. I don't think RM is McClung. But I do think RM is connected to Pawlenty. The blog started when Pawlenty was getting lots of criticism from David Strom, and RM went after Strom and the Taxpayer's League.

MN Publius goes after the Drama Queen on this issue.

Polinaut has a followup post about the defensive reaction from Kennedy v the Machine bloggers on this topic. Andy Aplikowski is promoting a Minnesota Organization of Bloggers fundraising fundraising blogswarm for Kennedy.

The first scheme promoted was apparently illegal. They were howling mad that Polinaut covered that.

Disclosure is the best way to address this.

John Aravosis at Americablog could use to do some full disclosure also.