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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Drama Queen vs the MN Publius Boys

MN Publius has a few questions for the Drama Queen, and claim that a source told them that Brodkorb is being paid for opposition research on Amy Klobuchar. This struck a nerve and has gotten Brodkorb off the Jeffers story.

I talked to Michael Brodkorb about some of this about a month ago. Brodkorb has baggage on this topic because he started blogging when he was still working for the Republican party. When I've talked to Brodkorb on the phone about this, he sounds credible. Reading his blog, he sounds like he's using legalisms to twist the truth.

The Drama Queen recently deleted one of my comments to his blog, when I compared the overreaction of the DFL to the doctored photos in ads for the Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage with the very Klinkish overreaction of Congressman John Kline to being portrayed as Colonel Klink.

UPDATE: MN Publius backs off - and their reaction to Brodkorb's statements on his blog are less skeptical than mine.

Brodkorb has responded once more to our questions and quite decisively I might add. We hear at MN Publius sincerelely appreciate his cordial tone and willingness to answer a few questions. While we consistently disagree with MDE, we can still respect his dedication.

I'm still not entirely sure of the extent of his connections beside the fact that he works for a consulting firm closely involved with the MN Republican Party, so he does this stuff for a living. But he answered our questions pretty forwardly and I commend him for that. Let it be noted that our source is adament that Brodkorb has conducted opposition research on Amy Klobuchar in the past three weeks. But lacking any more detail from or about the source, we have to respectfully defer to Brodkorb's denial of the allegations.

You'd have to know more about the source to be able to evaluate any of this. Was this a source within Klobuchar's campaign?

In the comments, Michael Brodkorb denies deleting that comment to his blog. I remember him deleting a comment, but did not think of getting a screen shot to prove this. (I don't get screen shots every time I comment on blogs).