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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Elwyn Tinklenberg's Campaign In Trouble

From the National Journal's Hotline:

-- Elwyn Tinklenberg (D), who led fundraising last quarter, raised the least ($65K) among major-party contenders in MN 06. '04 nominee Patty Wetterling's (D) entrance is partly to blame for drying up his coffers. She raised $220K this quarter and now leads him with $168K CoH.

DFL Leaning MN Publius, which endorsed Elwyn Tinklenberg concurs:

Things are looking interesting in the 6th district as the Q1 2006 fundraising numbers have been released. Here's the cash-on-hand round up:
Jim Knoblach: $328,000
Phil Krinkie: $255,000
Michele Bachmann: $196,000
Patty Wetterling: $168,000
Elwyn Tinklenberg: $146,000

Yep, doesn't look so great anymore.

Andy from Residual Forces mentions a Jim Knoblach press release.

Democrats - Total, Cash On Hand, Debts Owed

El Tinklenberg - $368,093, $145,580, $0
Patty Wetterling - $197,406, $168,402, $0

No big news here, other than the fact that Tinklenberg has also spent $200,000 and he is barely visible compared to the Republicans.

I guess this is what is sticking in the craw of the MN Publius bloggers.