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Sunday, April 09, 2006


Sodomites and children to roll around on the White House lawn....

How's that for an attention-grabbing headline, huh?

Lloydletta adds: Democratic Strategist Bruce Reed writes: "I don't have an egg in this hunt."

He also cherry picks for the dumbest condemnations of Virginia Governor Kaine giving the Democratic Response to the State of the Union.

Other blogs have gone after Kaine for opposing same-sex marriage, lacking Jack Murtha's expertise on foreign policy, and being no match for Barack Obama as an orator.

Kaine doesn't just oppose same sex marriage. He signed an amendment bill that is the most far reaching in the country. As Pam Spaulding says:

What do you think the party is trying to tell gays and lesbians when its choice of Kaine is heralded because "the new governor can best deliver their 2006 message of inclusiveness?" The man's position on his own state's pending marriage amendment is that he's "not comfortable" with the bigoted language but he'll sign the amendment anyway. More here and here.

For those out there who thought this was no big deal in the bigger scheme of things, just an inconsequential matter, the evidence that the party at the national level has the intention of avoiding the "gay issue" is no loud and clear. Re-closeting gays instead of addressing the right wing with alternative, logical framing based on the core values of the party has been deemed a more meaningful (read: winning) strategy. Is Bob Shrum in the house?

To their credit, the DFL lately doesn't seem to be making that mistake. Brian Melendez - unlike his predecessor, congressional candidate Mike Erlandson who avoided the issue like the plague - has been articulate in opposing the anti-gay Bachmann amendment.