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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Hennepin County to Discuss Updated Stadium Negotiations

This was sent by Mike Opat to the commissioners:

TO : Commissioners

FROM : Commissioner Mike Opat

DATE : April 6, 2006

SUBJECT : Ballpark legislation

As you know, on April 3 the Senate’s State and Local Government Operations
Committee heard Senator Steve Kelley’s ballpark bill, Senate File 2297. The
legislation was recommended to pass and re-referred to the Senate Tax

At the hearing, the Committee’s Chair, Senator Linda Higgins, requested that
Hennepin County and the Minnesota Twins renew negotiations and if
successful, put together a 2006 ballpark agreement in advance of the Tax
Committee hearing.

Consistent with County Board Resolution 06-2-98S4R1, County staff has been
directed to renew discussions with the Minnesota Twins to comply with this
legislative request. The County will utilize the same team of negotiators
that developed the 2005 agreement, including Jim Ufer, through a consulting
contract. Any costs associated with this activity will be covered through
existing budgets within the Office of Budget and Finance.

We are optimistic that by using last year’s proposal as the general
framework, a new agreement can be negotiated in time for the April 11
Committee Meetings, and a 2006 ballpark proposal can be considered at the
April 18 County Board meeting.

Cc: Sandra Vargas
David Lawless
David Hough

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