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Monday, April 24, 2006

Judy Johnson Gets Republican Endorsement

Matt Abe covers the SD 43 convention.

Perhaps the most dramatic moment of the morning came when Republican activist James Seim, the first to announce a run for the SD 43 Senate seat endorsement after Terri Bonoff's win in November, told delegates that the time had come to unify behind Mayor Judy Johnson for Senate. The announcement came as a surprise to most, which turned to a standing ovation for the man who delivered such a classy resignation speech. Delegates will likely welcome him back should he run for some future office.

I had family in from out of town. Otherwise, I would have stopped by this convention to cover it.

Matt also noted:

Rep. Jeff Johnson assured me that there will be an attempt from the floor of the House to amend the Twins Stadium bill to include a referendum on the Hennepin County sales tax, but that the amendment will face strong opposition from House members (surprise) outside Hennepin County. The "Hennepin County Twins" and "Hennepin County Stadium" is sounding better and better every day (surely the Hennepin County Board will at least get naming rights in exchange for the tax revenue).

You can call the Governor at: 651-296-3391. Tell the Governor to veto any stadium bill without a referendum.