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Friday, April 07, 2006

Lavender's New Columnist Attacks Dean Johnson

I can't understand attacking Dean Johnson about the Bachmann amendment.

Johnson's attorney was ready to bring witnesses to one of the discussions with a judge - and the ethics committee decided not to go there with trying to figure out the truth of this with he said, he said, she said.

There are a number of DFLers who I believe deserve criticism on this one - Johnson isn't one of them.

If folks want to write letters to the editor, it's

Maybe this Lavender column will cheer Captain Fishticks up, who was rather despondant when this story started to go away. Spotty from the Cucking Stool gives some lessons in what constitutes evidence and what constitutes hearsay.

Does anyone know what happened to Michael Krause's column at Lavender. Krause's last column - criticizing Stonewall DFL and the Kelley campaign for stacking the Stonewall Endorsement. Krause left one thing out - he was a Lourey supporter.