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Monday, April 17, 2006

Lloydletta Reader Suggestion: New Name for the Twins

id like to see the name of the team changed from the Minnesota Twins to the Hennepin County Taxpayers, since only people paying sales taxes in Hennepin County are getting hit with this.

i will admit that i'd be willing to settle to a $50 million govt contribution-and that that is state money, not just Hennepin Coutny. but that is unlikely. i'd settle for that simply because i'm sick of this damn issue, not because we have to have a baseball team.

one more thing, PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES & TEAM OWNERS are the biggest bunch of wusses and welfare queens you'll ever find!!

I like that name for the team.... As it is, the Hennepin County Taxpayers are being sentenced to 30 years of holding the bag thanks to Mike Opat.