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Friday, April 28, 2006

Pogemiller, Betzold and Kelley Throwing a Wrench into the Stadium Boondoggle

As I've said before, I oppose using taxpayer dollars for the Twins stadium period. However, if there's no stopping this, I'd much prefer the tax be statewide - that would be fairer since we keep on hearing the Twins is a quality of life issue for the entire state. If that's the case, let the entire state pay for it. What especially irritates me about the current plan is this is great Minnesota legislators - like Al Junhke - who are voting to stick it to the Hennepin County Taxpayer on this one.

Larry Pogemiller is now proposing a 13% sales tax on sports memorabilia for the Gopher Stadium. Maybe if they'd call this a "Stadium Impact Fee" the Governor would support it.

Sara Janacek was having a cow about this on her talk show. She said that she believes Pogemiller will be taken to the woodshed on this issue. I appreciate Larry Pogemiller doing what he is doing on this.

All those so-called "fiscal conservatives" outside of Hennepin County who are voting for this are such hypocrites.

It will be interesting to see if the Taxpayers League includes the votes on the Stadium boondoggles in their scorecards. They should be including all of these votes on their score card.

A bill proposing a new stadium for the University of Minnesota Gophers failed to pass through the Senate Taxes Committee Friday for the second time in two days — even after committee members agreed to remove a sports memorabilia tax that had resulted in deadlock the day before.

"We talked to the governor’s office and they told us the votes would be there if we removed the tax," said committee chair Larry Pogemiller, DFL-Minneapolis.

He said he will continue to try to push the bill through.

The bill stalled after the vote resulted in a 6-6 deadlock. Five Republicans and DFLer John Marty voted against the bill while the other Democrats on the committee voted in favor of the stadium, Pogemiller said.

Personally I think Larry Pogemiller ought to call the Governor's bluff. If Governor Pawlenty wants to have the stadiums, then he should bite the bullet and call for a statewide tax to pay for it rather than sticking it to the Hennepin County taxpayer.

This shows that the Governor is saying he prefers a referendum but quietly telling people to vote for the version without the referendum.