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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quite the Drama Over Sue Jeffers

As Mark H pointed out, the Drama Queen was hysterically posting breathless updates by the hour today...

Triple A from Residual Forces is also going after Jeffers.

All these attacks on Jeffers suggest that Tim Pawlenty isn't that confident of his candidacy if Jeffers getting press attention is sending the usual suspects out to attack Sue Jeffers.

There's no reason for the party to give Jeffers any lists AFTER the convention, and after Tim Pawlenty gets the endorsement. However, the party should be giving candidates for nomination access to delegate and alternate lists. This means Sue Jeffers running for Governor and Harold Shudlick and John Uldrich for Senate against Mark Kennedy.

King Banaian commenting on Triple As blog seems to agree:

Let Jeffers come and let her speak, and then let her hear how Pawlenty's view is the right view for Minnesotans. You DO think he'd clean her clock, right?

Jeffers is going to be a guest on Midday tomorrow.