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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rather Ironic, Considering it comes from Karen Klinzing

March 31, 2006
Greetings from the Capitol! This week I wanted to explain two pieces of education legislation that I've authored in the House. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with questions on any state legislative issue.

This legislation would create an advisory task force to examine the acceleration of technology, math, and science programs in Minnesota K-12 schools. In order to remain globally competitive, it is especially important that we provide a rigorous math and science curriculum for our children. The task force would be charged with developing five options for accelerated programs and ways to implement them. This bill was approved by the Education Policy and Reform Committee, and the Government Operations and Veterans Affairs Committee. It will next be considered by the Education Finance Committee.

Rep. Klinzing was the one who responded to an email I sent to the entire legislature criticizing Michele Bachmann's push for creationism in Science classes. PZ Myers fixed Klinzing's idiotic letter here.

MN Legislator Responds to the Issue of Sen. Bachmann and Creationism

Dear Ms. Eva,

Are you suggesting that public schools should not teach about the John T. Scopes trial? Most Social Studies teachers do, Ms. Young. It's in all of the text books. In order to teach about that trial in the public school history classes, the Social Studies teachers may need to define terms involved in all sides of the trial, including creationism and evolution. Sounds like your one-sided perspective about history, aka "evolution - only" perspective, might be the more skewed, (or in your terms "wacky") perspective on history.

Most mainstream parents would find it a travesty to learn that their students did not learn the DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES that created America. I have been a public school social studies high school teacher in East Bloomington for 11 years, where many Minneapolis students have taken advantage of open enrollment options to attend our public high school. Along with Minneapolis students, at least 20 % of my classes include students who grew up in East Bloomington learning about and believing in creationism. Is it the responsibility of the American Goverment to disregard their belief system any more than to disregard that belief system of an atheist or evolutionist such as yourself? How can public school teachers respect the DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES in the classroom without presenting all sides of the debate? To teach that evolution is not a debate is to choose your side of the issue.

I believe that faith in God AND believing the theory of Evolution are not mutually exclusive. Who is to say that YOUR evolution-only persepctive should prevail in the public school classroom at the expense of disrespecting 20 % or more of the students. 85% of the students, be they Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, in the public school classes have read the Book of Genesis about the creation of the world in Sunday school. Why should n't they learn about the diverse perspectives that formed the context for the John T. Scopes court trial which changed curriculum in American public schools. Would you also suggest that we disrespect 20% of the students who are a racial minority when we teach about the Civil Rights movement....probably not. You would like to pick and choose the views to fit your agenda and not present all of the perspectives. Who deemed your perspective on the world the most correct?
The point of a free-public education in a democracy is to about all of the sides of the debate not (sic)

I'm disapointed in your false representation of Senator LeClair's and Senator Bachman's viewpoints. You dishonorably smear their honorable characters by claiming that Bachman is "wacky" and "bears false witness.". Your aim to create a history that lacks diverse perspectives is dishonorable to the principles of democracy on which this country is founded. Your misguided and one sided propaganda is a danger to free, democratic, public education.

Klinzing is promoting the International Baccalaureate program.

This second piece of legislation would provide competitive grants to schools who wish to develop or expand advanced placement (AP) or international baccalaureate (IB) programs. Not only do we want to increase the number of advanced courses offered, but we want to ensure they are accessible to a greater number of students. Under this bill, school districts and charter schools would submit proposals and budgets to the commissioner of education. The commissioner would then use set criteria to allocate funding. Proposals would be given priority based on need for access to these programs and intent to target programs to disadvantages students, among other things.

Thanks for keeping up with our government!

She must not have been exposed to Edwatch's resolutions on the topic.


* Whereas: IB has formed a partnership with UNESCO, the educational arm of the United Nations, and
* Whereas: Both IB and UNESCO promote world citizenship as superior to U.S. citizenship; and
* Whereas: IB regards the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights as being superior to our own Bill of Rights, and
* Whereas: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that education "shall further the activities of the United Nations"; and
* Whereas: The role of American public education is not to promote ├Čthe activities of the United Nations"; and
* Whereas: IB student assessments are scored in Geneva, Switzerland -- not in the local classroom, and parents are not allowed to review the assessments; and
* Whereas: IB has signed on as partners to the Earth Charter, an international environmental plan promoting legalized abortion, socialized medicine, Pantheism and global governance;

Therefore, be it resolved that we oppose state and federal support of International Baccalaureate (IB) and the adoption of IB by local school districts.

Matt Abe reported that he passed this edwatch resolution at his precinct caucus in Senate District 43.

I stopped over there and suggested that should an IB resolution pass at the District convention, it will hurt the Republican candidates.

Seems like you passed all the Edwatch resolutions. That IB resolution will hurt the candidates if it gets passed at the Senate district.

It was the efforts to get rid of the IB program that catalysed the formation of the Tonka Focus group.

Both President Bush and Governor Pawlenty support IB programs.
10:54 PM
Matt said...

As Ronald Reagan observed, once elected, incumbents inevitably slide to the left, as does the party in power. The question facing individual conservatives becomes: do we stand on principle and argue the case, or do we abandon the cause and admit, "We're all Democrats now?" Shall we win the election and lose the war?

This isn't a matter of Democrats. Many moderate republicans support the International Baccalaureate program in Minnetonka. The Governor supports the program - and if this resolution gets up to the state convention, this will hurt Pawlenty's reelection campaign. Edwatch is a poison pill for Republicans.