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Friday, April 07, 2006

Really Stretching It

Despite Judiciary Committee set back, momentum to protect marriage from lawsuits and activist judges growing.

Testimony before committee unveils success of Minnesota for Marriage to keep New York based Lambda Legal out of Minnesota

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony from both sides of the marriage amendment debate and voted 5-4 to defeat the bill along party lines. "We weren't surprised, but we always have faith", said Chuck Darrell, director of communications for Minnesota for Marriage. "Despite our loss today, momentum to protect marriage is growing across Minnesota. Our statewide grassroots network of churches and activists has exploded - particularly in our target districts," said Darrell. "Our list of churches and petitions continues to grow. We topped 100,000 petitions last week," he said.

"The question of marriage will be decided in Minnesota," warned Senator Michele Bachmann, the bills author. Bachmann’s testimony unveiled a plan by Lambda Legal of New York to defeat marriage statutes in selected states. "The threat to marriage is a national battle between lawsuits and amendments," continued Bachmann. Currently 19 states have passed a marriage amendment while Lambda Legal of New York has filed lawsuits in 7 states. To date, 8 states have decided to allow the people to vote on the marriage amendment in November of 2006.

"Minnesota is a prime target for groups like Lambda Legal," continued Darrell. "However, we believe our efforts have forced Lambda Legal to surrender the field and look elsewhere – like Iowa. The fact that we are still hearing testimony instead of a Lambda Legal lawsuit is a triumph," he concluded.

"We have already begun the next phase of our plan which will focus on impacting the election in November of 2006", said Justin Uran, Grassroots Advocacy Director for Minnesota Family Council. "This effort will consist of voter register registration, education and activation. We look forward to distributing voter registration packets to our growing network of hundreds of churches and activists across Minnesota." he added. Source: Minnesota for Marriage Press Release, April 5, 2006

Oh yeah, that momentum is really going in their direction.