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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Report from the DFL Convention in Michele Bachmann's District

A Lloydletta reader sent me a report of the Senate District 52 Convention.

Rob Rapheal is running for Ray Vandeveer's seat (who it's strongly rumored to almost have a lock on Bachmann's seat if she wins the 6th). He launched a blistering attack on Ray and the religious right and described the Gopher stadium-stem cell amendment in detail. Rapheal has run once before but could have a shot if it's an open seat. And if Vandeveer runs for Bachmann's seat, we may have a better shot at it as he's not well known in Stillwater. Francis just retired so he's running full-time.

Also, David Francis got endorsed over Don Mitchell. From Francis's website:

Vision and Values
What ever happened to the Minnesota Miracle? Remember when Minnesota was a national leader in education and healthcare? My dream is to see Minnesota become a creative thought leader again in investing in the future. Let's lead the nation again, not lag behind it. We need to invest in people, in our children, our schools, healthcare, in our environment and in job and business creation. Let's stop being just another conservative, "No New Taxes", red state. Let's become blue, progressive and a national leader again.

We need to invest in our schools so that we can prepare our children to compete in a global economy. Our public schools are significantly under-funded. Minnesota should be a thought leader in education with ideas like E-14. Let's lead the nation again, not lag behind.

Health Care
We need to invest in affordable and portable healthcare. Healthcare needs to be affordable and available. Rising healthcare costs are causing working families financial hardship and loss of jobs and benefits.

Human Rights
We need to ensure equal human rights regardless of age, gender, religion, physical or economic condition, or sexual orientation. Legislating discrimination is bad public policy. Our social commitments and contracts are vital. We have promises to keep!

Thanks to Karl for this information:

David Francis campaign info:

Committee to Elect David Francis
PO Box 2235
Stillwater, MN 55082

David Francis should put this information on his website.

There were a number of areas where delegates disagreed at this convention. They all agreed on one thing ..... Michele Bachmann needs to be retired from the Minnesota Legislature and stopped in her effort to become a congressperson from that area.