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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Right-wing Bloggers Expose Themselves

On the drive up to Saint Cloud on Wednesday Eva told me that Mitch "Grope in the Dark" Berg stomped over here and left this comment:

"Oh, yeah. Foot pretty well pantsed the both of you."

I had no idea what Mitch Berg meant by "pantsed", so I looked it up:

1. pantsed - Having one's pants pulled down.

2. pantsed - If you've lost a game of pool without sinking a ball, you are supposed to dack yourself and run around the table with your pants at your ankles.

3. pantsed - When a priest pulls your pants down to see what you got for his goodies.

Is "pantsing" something right-wing bloggers do to each other?

... anyways, I responded to that silly KAR/PRT post over at the Dump Mark Olson blog.

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