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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Senate District 38 Drama Queens

As I mentioned yesterday, Michael McIntee from Inside Minnesota Politics decided to bring up old stuff and pick a fight with Michael Brodkorb and Tony Garcia.

The poor little man at imp tried to threaten us in a blatant and brazen effort to prevent us from analyzing his hypocrisy on the air. Upon being faced with the reality of copyright infringement defense he went on instead to namecalling.

For the benefit of Michael "the thief" Brodkorb and Tony "the plunderer" Garcia of Leighton Broadcasting owned radio station KNSI-AM let me say that again. You need explicit written permission to use the material. To all of our other listeners, if you enjoy our coverage of politics, please write these two thieves and ask them to stop stealing from my podcast and stealing from the hard work and ultimately the paycheck of other journalists.

See the poor little man try to inflate his own importance.

Pretty Funny Comment Thread over on the other Drama Queen's blog:

"Exclusive multi-podcast of DFL CD 5 Candidates Forum"

Tony said...
Hmm, sounds like we're going to have to use a few clips for a coming show. You are welcome to call in to defend/redress things that are said in the analysis of the political speech which you are providing for free.

1:25 PM

Michael M said...
Not free. It costs time and money to produce. Taking things that belong to others is called stealing. All thieves eventually pay.

1:42 PM

Swiftee said...
"All thieves eventually pay."

The same can be said for weasles who engage in SLAPP's.

3:16 PM

Marty said...
You should review your copyright law regarding "fair use"

We're not stealing your work (your work ain't worth stealing).

"Fair use is based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism. The fair use privilege is perhaps the most significant limitation on a copyright owner's exclusive rights."*

We are so going to get commentary on your podcasts man.

*Quote from:

4:51 PM

Michael M said...
For 25 years I made my living dealing with copyright on audio and video in broadcasting. You are so wrong it isn't funny. If what you say is true, why do broadcasters pay thousands of dollars for rights to news event video and audio from stringers? It's because it has value and because they need to pay for the copyright use.

Pay a little closer attention to Pt 4. on the government's fair use guidelines. If you check court decisions, you'll find it's the one that is given the most weight and the burden of proof is on the copyright infringer to show beyond a doubt that they did not cause commercial damage by stealing the work.

That will be pretty tough here because I have a long track record of selling audio and video of news events.

You can't even include MLK Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech in a broadcast without paying royalties.

I think it's a shame that not only do you plan to engage in illegal activity, but you openly advocate stealing from media companies and ultimately the paycheck of their hardworking journalist employees.

I also find it a bit ironic that your advocating doing something that ultimately will mean fewer dollars and fewer jobs in the radio field. I hope you have a second career choice in mind.

7:16 PM

Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...
Mr. McIntee: Did your company provide the video for the SD 38 DFL website?

7:19 PM

Michael M said...
I recorded that from the DFL feed with my own camera and edited it on my own computer with my own software. TimeScape Productions does not own any of that equipment. TimeScape Productions does not make in-kind contributions to political parties.

Why, were you planning to steal that video?

7:37 PM

Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...
Mr. McIntee: As you wrote "[i]t costs time and money to produce"

I fully expect to see expenditures to your company on the next report of the SD 38 DFL. If not, I can only assume that you and your company has donated both time and resources to a political party.

As you know, corporate contributions are not allowed in Minnesota.

The SD 38 DFL is required by law to charge you fair market value for your time and use of your equipment.

It's downright silly that you would claim you have seperate equipment for political and non-political work.

The video of Barack Obama's speech at the Humphrey Day Dinner is on the SD 38 website. Are you trying to claim you shot the video with two cameras?

If it's fair use for the SD 38 DFL, then it's fair use for me.

I may leave it up to the Campaign Finance Board to decide if a corporate contribution has been made to the SD 38 DFL.

7:47 PM

Michael M said...
Believe it or not, I do have separate equipment. You yourself know the importance of keeping "church and state" separate when it comes to political work.
I'm not dumb enough to fall into that trap so I've kept everything very above board, legal, and I haven't tried to hide who I am. Which is more than I can say for many of your past activites.

(Don't you find it ironic that a man who takes umbrage at people asking how he earns a paycheck should suddenly be essentially asking others the same questions?)

8:06 PM

Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...
So you brought two cameras to the Humphrey Day Dinner?

8:10 PM

Michael M said...
Oh and by the way... the video was not shot by any camera I own. It was fed by the DFL to a press room where I plugged my equipment into the feed.

You'd know these things if you actually went out and covered the news instead of stealing it from others.

8:10 PM

Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...
But you must have plugged it in twice to keep the equipment seperate. Right?

8:15 PM

Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...
again - you must have used two different sets of equipment. If not - that may be a corporate contribution.

8:16 PM

Michael M said...
Nope. Just one camcorder. The camcorder I used was my own personal one.

In fact, my company does not own a camera.

8:25 PM

Michael M said...
I have nothing to hide. Come on over someday. I'll show you my tax returns for the past three years if you show me yours!

8:29 PM

Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...
So why is it not free when you posted it on Inside Minnesota Politics, but when you post it on the SD 38 DFL's website it suddenly becomes a free video?

I think you're started to get caught up in your own language.

8:30 PM

Michael M said...
Because it was my personal video and I can do whatever I want to with it.

By the way, have you notified the Strib, the Associated Press and the many other newspapers you reprint entire articles from that you are now copyrighting your blog that includes their material?

8:38 PM

Marty said...
Yeah, I'm sure you're making a ton of money GIVING AWAY your podcasts on your blog.

10:41 PM

Michael M said...
No Marty,
I make my money in other markets. One segment I market to is broadcasters. (Ever hear that "internet rights" are sold separately from "broadcast rights"? Ask any sales rep from the Associated Press about that.) So when you broadcast my content, that's potential money out of my pocket. Most broadcasters are
1) Ethical enough not to steal
2) Smart enough to know that if they're caught it can cost them. So they don't do it.

It appears you aren't either of those.

4:42 AM

I think McIntee was looking for increased traffic and wanted to get mentioned on Race to the Right.