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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Senate District 62: Patricia Torres Ray

Minneapolis Upside Down has some analysis of what happened with the SD 62 race, and why Scott Benson, a Minneapolis City Council member did so poorly at the DFL convention.

I had lunch with Patricia to discuss her campaign. Patricia came across as articulate, confident and interested in getting right to work at the legislature.

We talked a bit about my blog dedicated to Dump Michele Bachmann. Patricia said she thought it was embarrassing that a district in Minnesota had elected Michele Bachmann considering her fringe antics and views. Patricia strongly opposes Michele Bachmann's amendment to ban gay unions in the constitution. She talked about attending the Rainbow Families day at the capitol with some friends earlier this week.

On GLBT issues, Torres Ray's website says:

Equal rights

Growing up in Colombia in the midst of a civil war gave me a keen appreciation for Human Rights and the courage to fight for fairness with all my heart. I have worked all my adult life to protect individual’s rights, and to promote inclusivity and the acceptance of all people.

I am a person of faith. Religions should have the right and responsibility to decide their practices around marriage. The role of the state regarding this issue is to ensure that the civil and human rights that follow from marriage are not denied to GLBT people. Ensuring these rights for GLBT people and their children builds the common good.

I will fight policies that would foster discrimination or further division among people. I will support same sex unions and protect GLBT rights and the rights of their children.. I oppose the MN Marriage Amendment and ban on gay marriages and I support GLBT families in adopting children.

If/when elected, Patricia is interested in serving on the Education Finance and Health Finance committees.

Patricia took a personal risk to run for this seat. She had to take a leave of absence from her job at the state department of human services. Since the position is partially funded by the federal government, she is covered by the Hatch act. Since she is now the endorsed candidate for the seat, she has had to resign her position in order to run.

I came away with the impression that she will be a hardworking and serious member of the Minnesota legislature.