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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Senator Chaudhary's Press Release

Sen. Chaudhary receives racially-motivated hate mail, death threat

State Senator Satveer Chaudhary (DFL-Fridley) said his resolve to fight for issues that matter to Minnesota families has only been made stronger in the face of recent hate mail he has received. Sen. Chaudhary’s office at the State Capitol recently received a letter sent under a false name questioning his legislative record, attacking his family's Indian-American heritage and making a crude death threat.

The letter, which is being investigated by State Capitol Security, the Minnesota State Patrol and the Fridley Police Department, was written using recent advertisements placed by marriage amendment opponents who have admitted to distorting photos of legislators.

"My conscience and my principles are strengthened in the face of such cowardly behavior," said Sen. Chaudhary, who is the son of immigrants from India and has been an outspoken proponent of Minnesota's minority communities throughout his time in the Legislature. "The disturbing part of this story for me is the fact that anti-gay groups, such as the ones placing these advertisements, have decided to use hate speech as a political tool to divide Minnesotans."

The letter asked if Sen. Chaudhary spent his time at the Captiol, "eating curry all day," and included a photo of the senator with what appears to be a bullet hole drawn on his forehead. The letter included a return address and name that was investigated by Capitol Security and determined to be false.

"The anti-gay groups have said that this kind of negativity is only the beginning, and a preview of this year's election smearing," said Sen. Chaudhary, noting that in a recent press release, Jeff Davis of Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage said, "DFLers are getting a foretaste of what's in store during this year’s election cycle."

"It is my hope that Minnesotans will reject these blatant attempts to drive a wedge between the people of our state and not sink to their level of discourse," Sen. Chaudhary said, adding that his legislative work will continue despite the personal nature of the attacks.

"One anonymous coward does not change my mission as a legislator," he said. "I'm still just as positive and hardworking as ever, and determined to fight for issues like health care, education, transportation needs and property tax relief."

For more information about the mail or the investigation, contact Sen. Chaudhary's State Capitol office at 651-296-4334 or Capitol Security at 651-296-6741.

The DFL goes too far on this one again.

Lloydletta's Nooz has contacted Senator Chaudhary requesting a copy of the threatening communication. Chaudhary has asked his staff to get us a copy which we will post.