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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stadium Boondoggle Hearing

Listen to the hearing here.

The committee voted - voice vote - to pass the bill without a referendum. The Tax committee will address the referendum issue and also a proposal by Scott Dibble to make the sales tax metrowide - and add to it transit and parks.

As I've said before - day to day quality of life in the city has more to do with a good park system and good library system than having a twins stadium. It's really annoying that so many of the Minneapolis Public Libraries have such limited hours. I've heard from one of the library directors that they are now going to some of the NRP neighborhood associations, begging them for $ to fund more library hours. There is something wrong with this system. NRP is a huge boondoggle, and I'd like to see it go away - and let the elected city council and boards make spending decisions. NRP is a popular program because many city residents have gotten help with various house projects through the program. To me, that's never been the purpose of a government program.