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Monday, April 10, 2006

Stonewall DFL Endorses Gail Dorfman for 5th District

Backbone Minnesota has the scoop.

I wrote Matt Klaber, Stonewall Chair to ask him how things went:

Good morning Eva-
All-in-all the CD5 screenings went well. We had pretty good candidate turnout considering the short timeline.

Attempts were made to contact as many announced DFL candidates for CD5 as possible. The following submitted questionnaires and screened with us:

Jorge Saavedra
Ember Reichgott Junge
Paul Ostrow
Gary Schiff
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
Keith Ellison
Gail Dorfman
Mike Erlandson

Anne Knapp expressed interest but ultimately couldn't meet the questionnaire deadline. I don't feel that she "stayed away."

The screening panel found all candidates to be acceptable, but did not feel they should recommend one candidate over another. Rather, they left the endorsement to the general membership. The general membership agreed that all 8 should receive Stonewall DFL's acceptable rating and, on the 4th ballot, voted to endorse Gail Dorfman.

The Wetterling campaign is elegible for "expedited endorsement" given her past endorsement in the race. (Think of it as a "renewal") They have been informed of such.

Matt Klaber is the new chair of Stonewall DFL. Congratulations to Matt. I've heard good things about Matt from people I respect.