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Monday, April 10, 2006

Strib on the Effects of the Bachmann Amendment


Pat Ferrian, an accountant at the University of Minnesota and her partner, Susan Herlofson, are among those who have watched the escalating debate with a sense of horror.

Together 17 years, the Columbia Heights couple say they are not looking to get married. They're too busy keeping Herlofson alive.

Herlofson, 52, is fighting stage 4 breast cancer. Without the insurance she gets through Ferrian's domestic partner benefits, Herlofson says, "I'd be dead already."

Said Ferrian, 42, of ban supporters: "They're playing with my partner's life."

I encourage people to write University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks to ask him to take a public stance in opposition to this mean-spirited amendment. He can be reached at