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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Strib's Eric Black Plays Cat and Mouse with RPM Spokesman Mark Drake

The RPM put out a press release gloating over Time's recent article which put Mark Dayton as one of five worst Senators.

Eric Black decides to
have a little fun.

So I asked unfailingly-pleasant-and-helpful-GOP-press-guy Mark Drake whether the party trusts Time's judgment of senators in general.

Him: "Time magazine is certainly a well-regarded mainstream publication."

Me: "So do you accept their judgment on who are the five worst senators?"

Him: "On Sen. Dayton sure."

Me: "How about on the three Republicans who were on the worst list?"

Him: "I don't agree with everything Time says."

Me: How about Time's inclusion of Ted Kennedy on the best list?

Him: I don't agree with that, no.

Me: How about Time's decision not to include Norm Coleman on the list of five "up-and-coming freshman senators?"

Him: Norm should have been on that list.

Summing up, Me: Do you agree with Time's conclusion with regard to any Democrats on the good senator lists or any Republicans on the worst list?

Him: "I don't agree with everything Time says."

It goes without saying that the Drama Queen posted the RPM press release over on his blog.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the GOP will jump on Dayton now that he's been recognized as the 91st most popular senator...