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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tinklenberg's Disingenuous Position on Abortion

Karl, a delegate at the SD 52 convention yesterday commented on my post about Janet Robert getting called out.

If Tinklenberg believes that simply not wanting to criminalize abortion makes him a pro-choice candidate--or one whom pro-choice voters shopuld support-- he's seriously deluded. He needs to be quizzed on the whole gamut of reproductive health issues: RU 486, emergency contraception, pharmacists who refuse to perform the job they're licensed to do, 24-hour waiting period nonsense, parental and/or spousal notification for abortions, unnecessary and burdensome requirements placed on abortion clinics to restrict access, public funding of abortions, real family planning in schools (not abstinence-only BS), public funding for pseudo-clinics for pregnant women. I think when you scratch beneath the "I'm not for criminalizing abortion" position of Tinklenberg, you'll find just another run-of-the-mill anti-choice idealogue like Janet Robert. And we've seen where she got us in the 6th CD.

The mainstream media - and MN Publius - spend most of their time in interviews with Elwyn Tinklenberg asking about "Patty breaking her promise".

It would be good to get some follow up questions to Tinklenberg when he gives his pat answers on both the abortion and Federal Marriage Amendment questions.