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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Tony Garcia vs Michael McIntee

Earlier this week Michael McIntee from Inside Minnesota Politics decided to pick a fight with Michael Brodkorb and Tony Garcia.

McIntee included this disclaimer on his podcast:

For the benefit of Michael "the thief" Brodkorb and Tony "the plunderer" Garcia of Leighton Broadcasting owned radio station KNSI-AM let me say that again. You need explicit written permission to use the material. To all of our other listeners, if you enjoy our coverage of politics, please write these two thieves and ask them to stop stealing from my podcast and stealing from the hard work and ultimately the paycheck of other journalists.

He then followed up in another post:

As always, this audio and video is provided for your own personal use. Redistribution or transmission is not permitted without explict written permission of TimeScape Productions Inc. It's a shame I have to post this disclaimer, but there are some lazy money grabbing radio hosts ("the Plunderers") and blogger ("the Thief") out there who have no ethics and prefer to steal instead of doing their own work.

Tony Garcia and McIntee commented here:

The truth is I am bored with the little man.

I have to thank him for linking to us. I got 2 hits from him since he originally posted his little tirade. The fact is he does not have the "onions" to actually come on our show at all. He is a coward and he is trolling for attention. His podcast has hit a wall due to hypocrisy and irrelevance.

I humor him now with the prospect of us talking about him, but we have more important things to talk about. I think we have Ole Savior coming on the show.
Tony 04.27.06 - 11:03 am | #

I'm not looking for traffic. Our podcast download rates are soaring to the point I'm having bandwidth concerns. with about 2,500 shows being downloaded every week. (6-12 GB of data weekly) Most people who listen to our show get it on RSS and don't even visit the site.

So I don't need more traffic, and I don't want to be mentioned on KNSI. Nothing would please me more than if Tony and Marty would stop using my material.
Mike McIntee

Since bandwidth is a major issue with podcasts, I can appreciate that for McIntee.

I also stopped by Inside Minnesota Politics and commented:

lloydletta said...

Michael M, I very much appreciate the time you put into your podcasts. You are doing a nice public service by going to public events and producing these.

At the same time, I think calling Brodkorb a thief and Tony Garcia a plunderer goes too far.

There is fair use, and if Garcia and Andrade are using segments of your podcasts on their show, with added commentary by them, as long as they are correctly attributing the podcasts to you, I think it's fair use.
6:42 PM
Michael M said...

If Brodkorb had only taken one picture from me I might agree with you. However, he continues to do wholesale reprinting of other journalists work. That's not fair use by anybody's definition. That's theft.

When Brodkorb does wholesale reprinting of an article instead of just linking to it, he deprives the newspaper of revenue. Those lost ad dollars start to ad up and suddenly you start seeing job layoffs. One of the big reasons the St. Paul Pioneer Press has been sold to a low-budget operator is because the revenue margins were too low. You can expect to see jobs cut at the SPPP when the new company takes over. Brodkorb and others like him bear part of the blame when that happens.

Tony's station owner --Leighton Broadcasting -- has revenues that are hundreds if not thousands of times larger than my business, yet Tony needs to rely on me to provide him regular free feeds of news events Leighton should be covering itself?

It's not like the CD 5 Candidates Forum was a spot news event that just suddenly happened.

So why can't Tony's station afford to properly cover the news?

Concentrating the ownership of most radio stations in the hands of just a few large corporations has forced all stations to operate on a shoestring so they can turn a large enough profit to pay for the debt run up by consolidation.

That means few if any dollars for news coverage which forces people like Tony to resort to unethical (if not illegal) tactics like this to give the impression that they actually do cover the news.

I have empathy for Tony because I've had to operate in that same environment, albeit on a larger national scale. It's frustrating. But I never crossed the line and stole stuff. I begged for news handouts from stringers and other content providers, but when I was told "no" by the owner I respected that.

What is most disheartening, is Tony takes glee in committing this crime. No moral compass. No sense of remorse.
9:20 PM

I'll let Tony speak for himself, but as I understand it, he's used small segments of McIntee's podcast on his show - for the purpose of commenting and criticizing it.

It's up to the Pioneer Press to write Michael Brodkorb to call him on that. The genie really is out of the bottle on this.

I do fisk and comment on Strib or Pioneer Press articles on this site. I consider what I'm doing "fair use".