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Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Unlike my opponent, I know the earth is much older than 5000 years."

Other good lines from DFL candidate for 16b Jim Huhtula's excellent convention speech:

A Democrat knows that education is better than ignorance, fact is better than deception and scientific knowledge is better than faith based opinions.

A Democrat knows that the best way to stop abortions is to reduce poverty, increase education, and encourage the use of condoms and other preventative measures including abstinence.

A Democrat knows the life of a Soldier is worth more than the profits
of Halliburton or the grandiose delusions of a simple minded President.

I'm a Democrat because I know that oil is a finite resource.

...and there's much, much more.

Read about his wacky, theocratic, gadgetbahning opponent Representative Mark Olson at the Dump Mark Olson blog.