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Saturday, May 06, 2006

5th and 6th District Conventions Endorse

In the 5th District Keith Ellison got endorsed. Mike Erlandson is going to the primary. In the 6th District Michele Bachmann got endorsed. I'll have some photos, and video posted later this weekend on Dump Michele Bachmann.

There is more coverage of the 5th District over at Powerliberal and Minvolved. There is more coverage of the 6th District convention by delegate bloggers at Residual Forces and Psychmeistr.

I saw Shawn Towle at the 6th District convention - and asked him whether he was planning on reporting the the claim he made (via Brodkorb) that his website had been hacked by Keith Ellison supporters. He said he was not reporting it to authorities, since it was already out there on Minnesota Democrats Exposed. I asked him about the claim that this story was retaliating against Keith Ellison for not advertising on his site. Shawn claimed he asks all candidates to advertise on his site. I asked him how much an ad costs - and he replied $1500/month for a banner ad. He said he gets around 4000 hits per month - and that his website is read by reporters.

In my opinion, advertising on Towle's site is overpriced, and if I started advertising my blogs, I'd go with some lower cost options.