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Monday, May 01, 2006

After Getting Gay Support in Her Campaign, Bonoff Afraid to Use the G Word

From Senator Terri Bonoff's Capitol Update:

Capitol Update #8
April 28, 2006
Senate Continues to Process Bills
This week the Senate focused on processing various non-controversial bills but was
overshadowed by the progress of the Twins Stadium debate in the House. Thursday
afternoon the Senate Tax Committee met to begin discussions on all three proposals. The Chairman had asked the committee members to clear their schedules for the weekend to deal with these bills. This debate will focus on the merits of the financing proposals specifically. Therefore, I won’t know how these bills will read in their final language until sometime late Friday or over the weekend. After that, I will become part of the debate on these issues on the Senate floor.

The newspapers are doing an excellent job of covering this initiative and making this
debate public. I think this is very important. In addition, every phone call, letter and email I get helps me to understand the spectrum of opinions in my district and the competing arguments. I encourage you to stay engaged in this and all of the debates we have over various other issues as well.

Throughout my campaign last November, I was outspoken as a Stadium supporter, and
plan to honor this public commitment. This support is primarily due to my belief that
having the Twins remain in Minnesota is key to keeping our community vital, growing
and nationally competitive. However, in response to constituent concerns, I have been
lobbying to widen the tax base to include the seven county metro area and thus reducing the proposed sales tax by more than half. I do not know what the bill will look like when it passes the tax committee as I know many of my colleagues have their own ideas, but I do promise to do what I can to get the best deal possible for the citizens of our community.

Earth to Terri: a .5% sales tax increase is much larger than a .15% sales tax increase.

Various groups organized at the Capitol this week to show their support for various issues. Thousands assembled over the weekend to show their support for dedicated conservation funding, a measure that I supported in the Senate weeks ago that is now in conference committee. On Thursday, a coalition called Outfront organized on the steps of the Capitol to show their support for equal rights. I was pleased to then meet with many of the participants from our community in my office.

OutFront is an Equal Rights organization that works on behalf of the GLBT community. It's interesting that Terri kept the gay word in the closet so to speak. I thought Terri was better than Judy Johnson on this issue. Ofcourse Terri had every reason to be better on this issue. This is part of the DFL platform, and gays and those believing in gay equality are part of the DFL base.