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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Alan Hooker's Endorsement of Keith Ellison

Dear Delegate or Alternate:

When people ask me why I am supporting Keith Ellison to represent me in Congress, I tell them it's because I want someone who will stand up and fight for me when so many are trying to fight against me. When standing up for someone like me might not be the most popular thing to do.

I am gay. Keith has been fighting for me long before he ever met me. Since first elected in 2002, Keith has stood up and fought hard against every attempt to write discrimination against into the Minnesota State Constitution. I will never forget the eloquence and heartfelt passion he displayed for equal rights for LGBT Minnesotans during his brave speech from the floor of the House in 2004. The following year, Keith was among those who fought to protect the human and civil rights in the Minnesota Human Rights Act and offered an amendment to allow the domestic partners of state employees to purchase insurance from the state insurance plan. Then, Keith spoke out against the attempts by religious conservatives to drive a wedge between the Black community and LGBT community.

When I finally got the chance to meet Keith a couple years ago, I thanked him for all of his work on behalf of the LGBT community. He hugged me and begged off any words of praise, saying only that he was trying to just do the right thing.

That's who I want fighting for me in Washington. Someone who doesn't need to look at polls to decide how to vote on controversial issues. Someone who doesn't march in Pride Parades just for the photo op. I want someone who understands with every fiber of his being that equal rights are not "special rights".

That person is Keith Ellison.

I hope you will join me in supporting him for to be our next 5th Congressional District Representative.


Alan Hooker
Minneapolis Library Board
/Co-Chair, Ellison for Congress

From Democratic Underground.