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Monday, May 08, 2006

Brainerd Dispatch Letters

After Paul Koering got Republican Endorsement, Paul Gazelka, who supported Koering's opponent, sent a letter in to the Brainerd Dispatch congratulating Koering on his victory. He later told the Brainerd Dispatch that he was not personally endorsing Koering. Minntelect points out that right below Gazelka's letter was a letter from a Koering supporter.

Koering targeted by bigots

Bigotry is alive and well in Brainerd. Before you relegate bigotry to the deep South or a time gone by, look at our current situation in Brainerd. Our state senator, an honest, upright, moral man, is being targeted by bigots, those who hate people different than themselves either in race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. I find it very disturbing that some people who profess their Christianity are ignoring His commandment to love one another.

Sen. Koering is a hardworking, plainspoken, truthful person. When confronted with being gay, he chose to respond truthfully, trusting the people he represents to judge him fairly. There are those who quickly decided to use this as political ammunition. Others, to promote their own political careers.

A great disservice is done when we zero in on a single issue and ignore a lifetime of commitment and service. Dont be swept along with those who would misrepresent Paul or question his convictions. Let Koerings voting record stand as the final word on his views.

Serving in the Legislature is a difficult job. I know Paul was dismayed at the amount of maneuvering and manipulating that goes on in St. Paul. Despite this he has worked hard within the system on behalf of his constituency. Paul has represented our district well.

As for his sexual orientation, it is important to remember that Paul did not choose to be gay. He has chosen to lead a life of integrity. Paul has very strong family values and morals. Being married with children does not make one more or less qualified to serve the people. It is time we stop using that as a platform.

Sally Campbell

It's to the credit of the Republican Party in Koering's district that the bigots did not prevail. Senator Dick Day has been a huge supporter of Koering.