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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Brainerd Dispatch Letters on the Stadium Boondoggle


Farewell to Twins and Vikings

What am I missing here? A billionaire business owner wants the tax payers to pay for a structure for his business so he can make millions of dollars more, some of which will go to his already overpaid team members. Why don't I understand this? Let the taxpayers keep their money. Those that like to watch sports can watch the games on TV in the comfort of their homes. Think of the money they can save on admission, hot dogs, drinks, transportation, etc.. I say, "Go Twins, go. And take the Vikings with you."

Julie Pawlak

No public money for stadiums

I am very much against public money for private businesses, such as sports stadiums.

Minnesota highways seem in very rough shape. As work takes me around the state, my vehicle is constantly going "thunk," and I have to avoid even worse potholes.

How much wear and damage is this doing to all vehicles? Would it be cheaper to fix the roads than repair all the worn vehicles and replace damaged tires?

If we are wasting money by poor management, this hurts our overall economy and thus the nation, and therefore is even unpatriotic!

What about safety? Are there "pothole related" deaths?

I also understand our schools are very short of funds, as many of them are in financial difficulty.

Public pension funds are short $10 billion.

Yesterday a state politician on PBS stated that funds for child care are short.

Minnesota, under Gov. Pawlenty's promise to not raise taxes, is instead borrowing almost $1 billion.

In the middle of all this, we have a governor and state politicians who are busy figuring out how to spend public money on private sports entertainment centers, to the benefit of millionaire athletes and billionaire owners, Mr. Wilf and Mr. Pohlad. Politicians hope this will get them campaign funds, and ultimately re-elected.

There are no guarantees the teams will even remain here.

The most consistent argument I've heard for approving these projects is that those nagging for stadiums will then go away.

"Can we have a pony?"


"Can we have a pony?"


"Can we have a pony, huh?"

"I said no!"

"Can we have a pony?"

"Oh, all right! Anything to shut you kids up!"

Is this how you handle your children?

Our current politicians make lousy parents, I guess. Is this part of their "family values?"

A. Martin

Rep. Paul Gazelka, the guy who recruited a candidate to run against Paul Koering, claims to be a fiscal conservative and signed the Taxpayers League pledge - and voted in favor of the stadium bill in the house.

Hopefully Rep. Gazelka is paying attention to the sentiments expressed in his local newspaper. Gazelka is no fiscal conservative.