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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Calling Out Air America's Janet Robert

Over at Whine in the Dark, the MOB Parrot in Chief Mitch Berg had a suggestion for Air America's Janet Robert, adding some liberal bloggers to the radio.

I sent Janet Robert and a few other bloggers Mitch's suggestion, adding that I didn't think many liberal bloggers would want to work under Janet Robert's "no guns, gays or abortion" gag rule on Air America.

Well Janet Robert has responded:


As a Republican, I understand why you do your best to keep everyone talking about the winning issues for Republicans – gay marriage (which Paul Wellstone would not support) and abortion. You are confused about the gun issue – we enjoy talking about guns especially Dick Cheney’s hunting prowess.

As a log cabin Republican, I am not surprised you enjoy shilling for "I can't keep my pants zipped up" Norm Coleman. Or "I think you'll want to take your kids to Iraq in ten years" Mark Kennedy. Your goal in dividing Democrats works well towards re-electing your Republican leaders that are bankrupting our country and sending our National Guard to death sentences in Iraq.

Janet Robert, President
KTNF AM 950 Air America Minnesota

JR Broadcasting LLC
11320 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Fax 952-946-0888
Cell: 651-270-4810

Yes, Janet, we are well aware of Paul DOMA Wellstone's record on DOMA. Unlike many lefties, I am not under the impressions that liberal or progressive means friendly to the gay community and conservative means hostile to the gay community.

Elwyn Tinklenberg lost the DFL nomination because he listened to Janet Robert's idiotic advice. Lori Sturdevant listens to Robert all too often. Sturdevant was predicting a Tinklenberg win at the 6th District DFL convention.