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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Citizens for Stadium Tax Referendum Press Release

New Poll:

65%: Taxpayer Money Should Not Be Used for Professional Sports Stadiums

63% Support Referendum Requirement

St. Paul, MN (May 12, 2006) — After a lack of polls for months, KSTP just released a new statewide opinion poll on stadiums.

The poll provides important insight for legislators regarding the stadium debate.

Some of the results:

o 63% said there should a referendum for any sales tax for stadiums

o 57% to 29% prefer the Metro stadium tax over the Hennepin tax

o 65% said taxpayer money should not be used for professional sports stadiums

The metro tax would be a seven-county ½ cent rate to fund two professional sports stadiums (including a roof for the Twins owner), along with creating a permanent source of funding for transit needs. A voter referendum would be required.

"The poll results show the public strongly supports a referendum and that any stadium tax should be metro-wide," said Laura Lehmann of Citizens for a Stadium Tax Referendum.

With the Senate's most recent action, Senators are now on record supporting the referendum law in three separate votes – Senate Taxes Committee, Senate Rules Committee and a Senate floor vote.

"If Governor Pawlenty signs any stadium tax bill without a referendum he will be breaking his No New Taxes Pledge," added Lehmann.