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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Citizens for the Stadium Tax Referendum Press Release

Honor "No New Taxes" pledge by vetoing stadium tax bill

St. Paul, MN (May 14, 2006) — Governor Pawlenty's actual pledge was to "oppose and veto any all efforts to increase taxes" – not just state taxes, as has been incorrectly reported.

"If Governor Pawlenty signs this $1.1 billion stadium tax without a referendum – he will be breaking his No New Taxes Pledge and ignoring voters," said Laura Lehmann of Citizens for a Stadium Tax Referendum. "He will also be directly contradicting his campaign promise to oppose public funding for professional sports stadiums. Voters should remember this in November."

Many voters have been asking our citizens group: how could the legislature approve this stadium tax when voters overwhelming support the referendum law. "The stadium tax was pushed through by arrogant 4 arrongant County Commissioners, pro-stadium media, and millions spent in lobbying and political contributions by team owners," added Lehmann. "Ultimately, unrelenting power, money, and influence were more important to our many of our Legislators than was the will of the people of Minnesota. Voters should also remember all of this in November."

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Laura J. Lehmann, Citizens for a Stadium Tax Referendum
(Cell) 612-310-7658 (H) 952-929-0052