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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Defeat and Victory in the Battle Against Boondoggles

At Minneapolis Upside Down Loosetrife mulls over the hype surrounding the stadium boondoggle.

Already in production, "Stadium Boondoggle II" when public officials slap their collective heads and say "Oh, crap, you can't have a baseball stadium in our frozen North Star State without a mega-million dollar retractable roof!"

I'm also curious how they are going to route the proposed Cedar Lake Bike Trail around the new stadium. I've heard that they are planning to "cantilever" the stadium over the bike trail. A dark tunnel...that's going to be real safe and pleasant for bicyclists.

One bright bit of news on the mega-million dollar boondoggle beat...

The 2006 Legislature has adjourned this year with transportation winners and losers. Northstar Commuter Line got $60 million in bonding and the Central Corridor got $7.8 million. Among the losers of this session was Personal Rapid Transit (PRT).

Read more of my story "End of an Era for Personal Rapid Transit" at the Twin Cities Daily Planet.