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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dump Bachmann Blog Irritating the Democrats

From the comments to my post about Air America's Janet Robert promoting Michele Bachmann to the press:

Your title is purposefully misleading. If you want to challenge Bachman you can start by challenging your ...ahem...own party. Why do you keep muddying the water by trying to associate democrats and liberals with the very thing your party is known for: Moral pandering?

Do you want to be a republican so bad that you can't see it is against your own humanity as a gay rights advocate?
Rahelio the Neo-Con Slayer

I've challenged the Republican Party and Republican candidates when they have gone anti-gay. I find it rather bizarre that Democrats expect me not to point out when Democrats miss the boat on these issues.

Michele Bachmann supporter Winger makes a good point that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee doesn't seem to be supporting Patty Wetterling. I have emailed the DCCC for comment.

DCCC unethusiastic about Wetterling?

Since February 21, I noticed that the candidate page of the website of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee listed Elywn Tinklenberg as the only candidate running for Congress in Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District. Wetterling jumped into the House race on February 3. Before she jumped into the race, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had sent Tinklenberg money and House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) and DCCC Chair Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) did campaign events for Tinklenberg. I got the impression that the D.C. Democrats still favored the more "centrist" Tinklenberg to run in the conservative 6th over the more liberal Wetterling after she entered the race in February.

It appears that sometime between Saturday and today (Tuesday), a staffer at the DCCC has finally listed Wetterling as a candidate for Congress in Minnesota's 6th District. However, Tinklenberg's name is still there. Even more interesting is that Tinklenberg has a short biography on his DCCC page, but only campaign contact information is given for Wetterling's DCCC page. Is the DCCC still upset with Wetterling entry into the race and capture of the DFL endorsement over the more "electable" Tinklenberg? Are they encouraging a primary fight? Probably yes to the former and probably not to the latter, but I'm enjoying pointing out the laziness of the staffers at the DCCC. Let's see how quickly it takes for Rahm to correct this.

I have contacted the DCCC about this. If others want to contact the DCCC about this issue, here's the information:

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