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Monday, May 08, 2006

Eden Prairie Republicans on the Stadium Boondoggle

BOUGHT AND PAID FOR -- Twins owner Carl Pohlad and his family have donated over $750,000 over the years to Minnesota politicians. Meanwhile, Matt Abe reports that the rank and file are refusing to fall into line. Mark Stotz has some thoughts about a party that says it "opposes taxes" but voted for this bill. Craig Westover warns that Republicans who use the "only 3 cents of $20" argument have no right to complain when the DFL wants only 10 cents of that same $20.


Good for Senate District 42. I hope this means that David Hann will vote against this boondoggle.

The Greet Machine has an update of what's going on from the Twins fans point of view.

Bad news of the week: Phil Krinkie lost the GOP nomination for the 6th Congressional District to Michelle Bachmann. And not only did he lose, he got crushed. Why is this bad? This means the Minnesota legislature, and Minnesotans in general, are stuck with him for eternity. Yes, eternity. It is that bad. Phil Krinkie's motto seems to be "Making Minnesota into the 3rd Dakota Today!"

I think it's unfortunate that Michele Bachmann won the Republican endorsement but for different reasons than Shane.

I think it's appalling that branch libraries in Minneapolis are open 3 days a week and Mayor Rybak tells the branch libraries to "raise their own money", while Rybak used his bully pulpit to promote the stadium boondoggle. That shows real misplaced priorities.