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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Governor Pawlenty of Tax Increases Plays Minnesotans for Marriage for Fools

From the Minnesotans for Marriage Thursday May 18 Elert:

Action Alert

Contact Gov. Tim Pawlenty and tell him - "Do what you have to do to let the people vote on the marriage amendment in 2006."

  • In the past, Governor Pawlenty has indicated that marriage is between one man and one woman.
  • If the marriage amendment is not passed this session, opponents will have two years to overturn marriage before Minnesotans’ get another chance to vote.
  • Call Governor Pawlenty at 651-296-3391 - and ask him to take action to pass the amendment - before the session ends.
  • Click Here to Email or Fax Governor Pawlenty.

Governor Pawlenty of Tax Increases spent his whole political capitol on increases to Hennepin County Taxes. He'll try to blame the Senate Democrats for the failure of the marriage amendment in the Senate.

I wonder how Chuck Darrell and Tom Prichard feel about being played?