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Monday, May 22, 2006

Introducing Barbara Beniek - Running for Dan Severson's Seat in Sauk Rapids

Dan Severson has a Democratic opponent, Sauk Rapids-Rice School Board member, Barbara Beniek. I emailed Barbara and asked her for her position on the Twins Stadium boondoggle, which Dan Severson eagerly supported, and the Bachmann-Severson amendment to the constitution - banning legal recognition of gay relationships. Here was Barb's response:

On the Twins - well, first of all, I think that the organization has enough money in itself to build a new stadium. They will profit a lot of $$ from the new stadium - at SOME taxpayers expense. If it really is a statewide thing to keep the Twins, then the sales tax should have been spread out state-wide - or metro area - wide with a referendum to see what the people want. WE cannot build a school without voter approval - why should the legislature be able to agree to help build a stadium without voter approval? I have 2 daughters who live in Hennepin county - now they will pay for the Twins even though they never go to games or follow the sport.

The next issue- I would not support the Defense of Marriage amendment or the Bachmann-Severson amendment to ban all legal recognition of gay relationships. I believe that would be highly discriminatory and highly divisive in our state and country. If we want to defend the mariage of a man and a woman, then we should outlaw divorce - that would be the logical tact to take - not that I would suppport that either. I think the government has no place in our relationships and our bedrooms.

So I'll try to tune in to your blog and see what's up.

It's nice to know that there are some people running in greater Minnesota, who don't see Hennepin County as a place to raise other people's taxes.