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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Linda Koblick fires more missles at the stadium

Doug Grow's latest Strib column discusses the gender gap on stadium support, both on the Hennepin County Board and the Minnesota Legislature.

He went to Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Koblick for some sizzling quotes.

Hennepin County Commissioner Linda Koblick, a Republican, was even more disgusted about what she called "old, white, male power."

"Women don't turn politics into a game," she said. "They take it seriously."

Koblick said she believes the County Board didn't spend nearly enough time studying the plan that now has legislative blessing.

"Women do believe in process," she said. "They do believe in open discussion. They want more inclusiveness, wider parameters. They want to answer the question, 'If we do this, what won't we be able to do?' Men just want to get it built."

But in the end, Koblick isn't sure that gender is the issue.

"I think it's brainpower," she said.

Re-elect Linda Koblick to the Hennepin County Board. She might be the smartest person in the room.