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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mary Cheney's Book is Out

She's getting lots of press.

I think she's got a good point about John Kerry.

Cheney saves her harshest words for Bush's 2004 opponents, calling Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry a "son of a bitch" and his running mate, John Edwards, a "total slime" for discussing her sexual orientation during nationally televised debates during the campaign....

In her interview with Diane Sawyer, Cheney said of Bush: "I think he's a very good man. On these issues, he hasn't caught up."

Cheney is less generous to Kerry and Edwards, who she accuses of "sleazy" politics for mentioning she was gay during debates with Bush and her father.

"John Kerry didn't 'out me', nor did he offend or attack me by calling me a lesbian. It wasn't a secret that I was gay, and I certainly couldn't be offended by the truth," she writes. "What was offensive was that he was obviously trying to use me and my sexual orientation for his own political gain."

Sitting in the studio audience when Edwards mentioned her sexual orientation, Cheney said she looked at the vice-presidential candidate and mouthed the words "Go F*** Yourself" a phrase her father had earlier employed against Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy.

There is an interesting comment thread over on the Independent Gay Forum about Dianne Sawyer's Mary Cheney Interview. It goes without saying that John Aravosis is having a cow. John Kerry has responded. I happen to think in 2004, neither major party was honorable on the topic of gays. John Kerry showed the most honor on this topic, when it was revealed that he refused to listen to that defender of marriage Bill Clinton's advice and publicly support anti-gay constitutional amendments in the south.

Update: Check out the venom from the reviewers of the book.