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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

An Old Story With a New Twist

From a reader tip:

Remember when MDE (at least I think it was MDE) had a fit because some defunct DFL site had comments that linked to smutty sites? Here's a question: If MDE links to defunct DFL sites that have spam comments that link to kiddie smut, Is Michael Brodkorb a criminal under James Sensenbrenner’s (R-Wisconsin) proposed law?

From CNet news:

"In addition, Sensenbrenner's legislation--expected to be announced as early as this week--also would create a federal felony targeted at bloggers, search engines, e-mail service providers and many other Web sites. It's aimed at any site that might have "reason to believe" it facilitates access to child pornography--through hyperlinks or a discussion forum, for instance."

Given that the defunct DFL site was dead, its operators did not have reason to believe that it linked to the bad places, but when Brodkorb linked to it – knowing full well and intending fully for people to click through to kiddie smut – wouldn't MDE's operator be the felon?

Just asking.

Yes, that overblown post exposing comment spam was from the Drama Queen. Lately it's been all Keith Ellison all the time over there.