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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Senator Julianne Ortman - Fraudulent Conservative

I received this statement in an e-mail from the distinguished non-Hennepin County senator:

Twins, Twins, Twins. Stadium, Stadium, Stadium. Could we just
vote already?! I have been in the State Senate for 4 years. I have
served on the Tax Committee for the entire 4 years. Yet, I have never had
the chance to vote one way or another on the Twins’ Stadium

The House passed a reasonable proposal 76-55. The bill had authorized the Hennepin County local option sales tax (3¢ on every $20.00) with an up-front cash contribution of $130 million from the Twins for a total projected cost of $522 million.

Like most Minnesotans, there are things I like about the proposal and there are things I don’t like about it. However, the most important thing from my point of view is that Minnesotans have become very familiar with the proposal. They know whether they like it overall or if they don’t. We have been talking about it for
years in our grocery stores, fire stations, churches, city council chambers,
county boards, newspapers and on the radio. At the Capitol we have heard
from our constituents and they want us to vote. This proposal is more than
ready for debate and a straightforward “yes” or “no” vote.

In contrast, the last minute, overly-political proposal to fund both the Twins and
Vikings Stadiums (and transit!) with a ½ cent metro area sales tax has received
almost no public consideration and no hearings in our committees. The tax
is never scheduled to expire. Once the stadiums are built, it continues to
fund transit forever. I will not support this $1.2 billion proposal this
year and I will work to defeat it at every opportunity. Neither the
residents nor the elected officials in the seven county metro area have been
consulted or engaged in the process. Even the teams have not supported
this plan.

I am hopeful that the “leaders” of the Senate DFL will stop playing politics with this bill and just let us vote on the straightforward proposal from the House. I believe the full Senate supports it. I know the House and Governor support it. I know that a majority of the residents from my district who have contacted me support it. We’re already in extra innings on this issue; it is time to vote.

Supporting the House/Mike Opat version of this bill, with no referendum, is not a conservative position. C'mon, Senator. Act like a Republican. Were you lying when you voted in favor of a referendum in the Senate Tax Committee?

And her e-mail includes a photo - what's up with that? I know what she looks like.