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Monday, May 29, 2006

Sue Jeffers picks up a Republican-esque Endorsement

A press release from her campaign....


Sue Jeffers Endorsed by Republican Affiliate Group

Endorsement by the National Board of the Republican Liberty Caucus was

St. Paul, Minnesota - Sunday, word came in to the Sue Jeffers campaign
for Minnesota Governor that the Republican affiliate organization, The
Republican Liberty Caucus had endorsed Jeffers for Governor. Sue Jeffers was
unanimously endorsed by the RLC National Board and confirmed by Minnesota RLC
Executive Officers as "a leading advocate of individual rights, limited
government, and private enterprise."We believe Ms. Jeffers will be a strong
defender of liberty as Minnesota Governor," Andy Lindberg, state chapter
coordinator said of the endorsement.

Jeffers was delighted to have received the strong show of support from the Republican group. "I am very excited to have been unanimously endorsed by the RLC. I am so glad to have your support, and thank the national organization and state affiliate chapter for getting behind my campaign," she said.

Sue Jeffers' Campaign staff indicated that support within the Minnesota Republican Party is growing every day. Campaign Manager, Dan McGrath said, "I'm thrilled that the endorsement was by unanimous vote. We've also been seeing a tremendous outpouring of support from the Republican delegates to the state convention. I'm feeling pretty good about our prospects."There may still be some rocky paths ahead for the Jeffers campaign, but Sue, with her usual optimism and enthusiasm said, "The party officials have been throwing up roadblocks, trying to keep me out of the process, but I don't need them. The delegates are taking back control of their party. More are contacting me every day, and they're getting behind my campaign. I think we're going to see some fireworks at the state convention."