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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sue Jeffers Speaks at a District Convention

I understand from sources who were at the 2nd District Republican convention that Sue Jeffers was allowed to speak. Apparently a delegate supporting her told people organizing the convention, that should she not be allowed to speak as candidate for Governor, he would run against John Kline - and Sue would give a seconding speech.

I'd be interested in hearing how the speech was received.

Will something similar occur at the State Convention?


Dan said...

I heard the rumor about Jeffers running against Kline as well, at the convention, from a delegate, who was angry, and confronted me about it. It isn't true. Sue has no intention of challenging Kline, nor did she make any such threat.

It's my suspicion, that this rumor had something in common with the anonymous, blue, anti-Jeffers lit-piece which was illegally circulated on the convention floor. Members of the state Executive Committee attended the convention, and appeared to have brought with them an army of people who registered as convention guests.

Some plants in the crowd attempted to start the crowd booing when Sue spoke, but the delegates applauded her instead.

Tony Sutton, from the Executive Committee rose to speak out against Jeffers. The delegates cheered when the chair suggested moving on with convention business.

The truth of the matter is the delegates of the 2nd CD wanted to hear Sue Jeffers, and refused to bow down to pressure from Ron Carey to exclude her.

There may be hell to pay on the part of courageous delegates and convention organizers who stood up for their principles, but the party leadership risks much as well, by fighting against the will of the delegates.