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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tinklenberg Backs Away From Extremist Anti-Legal Abortion Democrat Group

When Elwyn Tinklenberg was interviewed by MN Publius and asked about abortion, he said he was supporting the 90/10 plan put forward by the so-called "Democrats for Life".

I commented over there:

Here's from the website:

On February 1, 2006, Kristen Day addressed members of the media at a press conference urging members of Congress to bring Holly's Law, H.R. 1079, to the House floor for a vote. Holly's Law, named in honor of a victim who died from taking RU-486, calls for a ban on the distribution of the drug until the FDA can reconsider the potentially deadly side effects.

In her remarks, Day pointed out the dangers of the abortion drug, noting that women are at risk of serious bleeding problems and even death. Day acknowledged the Democrats who have co-sponsored this life-saving legislation: U.S. Representatives Lincoln Davis, Daniel Lipinski, Alan Mollohan, Gene Taylor and Bart Stupak.

Read Kristen's remarks in our press release.

Last Updated ( Monday, 13 March 2006 )

I'd like to hear where Elwyn Tinklenberg stands on this.

In latest news they have this:

Disability Rights Advocates Mark Anniversary of Terri Schiavo's Euthanasia

EY: I'd like to hear what Elwyn Tinklenberg thinks of the Terri Schiavo situation.

From the Dems for Life website, these folks are single issue extremists. Janet Robert - who is promoting the Dems for Life in Minnesota is an extremist on this issue - she wouldn't let stem cell research be discussed on her "progressive" radio station.

The 95:10 plan sounds pretty bogus - Elwyn Tinklenberg needs to be asked if he supports bogus claims - such as the so-called "abortion breast cancer link"?

Janet Robert stopped by to say this wasn't true:

Eva Young's is incorrect in her comment that I would not allow stem cell research to be discussed on Air America Minnesota. Al Franken talks about embryonic stem cell all the time. What little time we have to focus on our local show, Minnesota Matters, we try to talk about Minnesota issues that are not being discussed on the nationally syndicated shows. Democrats for Life of Minnesota strongly supports the great successes that the University of Minnesota has had with ADULT stem cell research. However, it does not support embryonic stem cell research because why take a life for research when a life affirming alternative exists? More importantly, there has not been one single scientificly recorded success with embryonic stem cell research but over 55 successful cures using adult stem cells. What a waste of taxpayers dollars. 95-10 is not bogus - it is about funding programs to stop violence against women (the single largest cause of death among pregnant women is domestic violence, funding health care, equal pay for equal work, child care and alternatives that allow pregnant women make the choice they want to make, not the choice their partners or society forces on them. 95-10 is the difference between pro-life Democrats and Republicans. Janet Robert

I got this story from one of Nick Coleman's producers and confirmed it with Nick.

Now on MPR, Elwyn Tinklenberg repeated what he's said on MN Publius and Almanac - that he doesn't want to criminalize abortion and doesn't want to overturn Roe v Wade. He is no longer promoting the Democrats for Life 90/10 plan.

Becky Lourey got NOW's endorsement for Governor. The Drama Queen put up a snarky post on the topic. Now it's a hot and heavy debate over abortion. Noone has answered the question: what should the penalty be for the woman who has the abortion - 10 years, 20 years, life, the death penalty? Instead many of these "pro-lifers" claim that the doctor is the one who should get the criminal penalty.