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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Un-Conventional Thinking

Loosetrife writes about bizarre guest editorial in the Twin Cities Daily Planet.

While the Republicans of the Minnesota's 6th Congressional District embraced homophobia, xenophobia and pearls last weekend, the folks at the 5th Congressional District DFL convention endorsed a Muslim African-American who is further left (egads!) than most DFLers in the state.

Keith Ellison is unapologetically anti-war and continues to develop a progressive environmental awareness to complement an already strong sense of justice. He neither foregrounds his religion nor apologizes for it.

Michele Bachmann burrows ever further into the warm underbelly of Christian theocratic desire.

It's hard to imagine a starker contrast.

The City Pages had stories this week on both conventions but did not link them in any way. Over at the Daily Planet, however, a "centrist" voice bemoaned the extremism of both candidates...

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